EDIT: Wax seals tutorial and jewelry to go a long with my ragehaus reblog of how to make a sealing wax stamp here. If you know how to make polymer clay molds (here is a good tutorial by stone brash creative) you can easily do these jewelry pieces above. My polymer secret weapon (I use it for so many things) is wax (not the liquid) Rub ‘N Buff here (also at Michaels) - you rub it on with your fingers to highlight just what you want to.
 If you follow me you may know I love wax seals. So when I saw these at Honestly…WTF I somehow felt vindicated. Top Left From  Honestly…WTF here : Pyrrha Talismans are cast from authentic 19th century wax seals and each design has a symbolic meaning taken from family heraldry.
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